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Summary of the Evolve Project:  

Students interested in learning aspects of artificial intelligence are invited to join the UCSD Evolve club. Club members are working on a group project to apply the techniques of genetic algorithm development applied to neural nets and robotic intelligence and other applications.

The project has recently moved to a 3d environment with a physics engine and 3d rendering. This move means that several sensors need to be rewritten to handle a 3d environment.

The current objectives of the project are to implement a more sophisticated brain, add more kinds of sensors, and to add incremental goalstates that can guide the evolution to develop increasingly complex behaviors.

Members contribute to a growing Java code base (now found on Sourceforge) modeling the bugs, their brains, the evolutionary rules, and their environment. The team meets once a week to review progress on programming tasks, and share the latest results.


Sourceforge Site sourceforge.net/projects/evolveproject

Mailing List Signup lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/evolveproject-members

Running the simulation from Eclipse guide

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