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Evolve Team Constitution


The purpose of our organization is to work on one or more genetic algorithm based software simulations in an effort to learn more about artificial intelligence and working together as a team to accomplish a goal. We will be communicating with faculty members in our department while doing so in an effort to guide us along our progress and increase student/faculty interactions. We are a non-profit, open-source organization that will only use funds for appropriate uses

Requirements for Membership

Any UCSD student (undergraduate or graduate) that would like to gain experience with any aspect of what our project requires, and is willing to contribute to the code base is welcome to join. There are no membership fees required to join our cub.


Meetings will be held weekly. The time and place of these meetings will be decided upon by board members at the beginning of each quarter to facilitate maximum attendance of all members.

Leadership Positions

There will be one team leader and a variable number of board members, dependent on the number of members of the club. The team leader will be responsible for coordinating

meetings, writing tasks specifications for the project and making the ultimate decision on design choices. Board members will also be responsible for writing tasks and specifications. At the end of each year, existing board members will choose a new team leader by a majority vote. New board members may be chosen at any time and require ¾ of existing board member approval.

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