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  1. Install Eclipse - download eclipse from this site.
  2. Create a new Project - File->New->Other, select CVS/Checkout Project from Repository
  3. Enter CVS Info
    • Select Create a new repository location and click next
    • Enter evolveproject.cvs.sourceforge.net as host
    • Enter /cvsroot/evolveproject as repository path
    • Enter your sourceforge username and password
    • For connection type select extssh and set the port to 22
    • Click Next
    • Select Use an existing module
    • Select evolve4
    • Hit finish
    • When it asks for what type of project select Java/Java Project
    • Pick a name
    • Hit finish
  4. Add jars to build path
    • Right click on projects and click Properties
    • Select Java Build Path and tab libraries
    • Click add JARs...
    • Highlight all the jars in the lib folder in this project
    • click ok
  5. Navigate to package main and open class Main.java
  6. Select Run As->Java Application
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